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Contrarian Metal Resources of Pittsburgh, PA, supplied nearly 6,000 sq. ft. of its proprietary Starlight 2J-finish stainless steel for fabrication into exterior solar reflectors and interior wall panels at the new Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in Baltimore, MD. The product was chosen because of its uniform finish and low reflectivity.

The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery is a part of the University of Maryland Dental School. The new $124 million, 10-story building was dedicated in October 2006. It replaced Hayden-Harris Hall, a facility designed in the mid-1960s. The new building houses classrooms and teaching laboratories able to accommodate modern teaching methods such as simulation, digital and virtual reality-imaging systems; clinical areas; an Independent Learning Center dedicated to advanced information technology with 30 student workstations; and research laboratories and support areas.

Starlight 2J is a low-glare, uniformly textured stainless steel finish designed for use in architectural applications. It is suitable for use in high-traffic areas such as elevators and entryways. The product’s uniform finish consistency provides good panel to panel matching. And since Starlight 2J is a finish rather than a coating, it won’t deteriorate over time.

Starlight 2J is manufactured by Tsukiboshi Art Company and is distributed in North America by Contrarian Metal Resources. The material can be welded or soldered and is available in cut lengths up to 240”. Material widths range from 0.75” to 49”. Because stainless steel is dimensionally stable up to 200-degrees Fahrenheit, Starlight 2J provides an added measure of protection in the event of a fire. Contrarian Metal Resources offers a 30-year warranty on Grades 304, 304L, 316, and 316L.

The architect for the dental school project was Bohlin Cywinski Jackson of Baltimore. Bunting of Verona, PA, fabricated the panels and Allegheny Millwork of Lawrence, PA, installed them.

In addition to Starlight 2J, Contrarian Metal Resources offers a variety of other uniquely finished specialty metals, including titanium and zinc. With its products designed primarily for architectural applications, the company also offers custom finish solutions and application engineering assistance. Typical applications include roof and wall panel systems, composite panels, elevators, coping, trim, flashing, doors and countertops.

About Contrarian Micro Textures

Rigidized-logoContrarian Micro Textures by Rigidized Metals, formerly Contrarian Metal Resources, is a micro-textured line of high-performance architectural metals including stainless steel and titanium. For more information, visit

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