Community Health Center of Buffalo

Laminators Inc.

Approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of Omega-Lite® aluminum composite material wall panels were specified by Stievater Associates of Buffalo, NY, for the exterior of the Community Health Center of Buffalo.

The Champaign Metallic panels, accented with Royal Blue, were cut at the factory into 4’ x 4’ modules. Once at the job site they were installed by Buffalo Glass using Laminators’ patented Clip & Caulk installation system with a contrasting-colored caulk.

Buffalo Glass is headquartered in Buffalo. The project’s general contractor was Gypsum Systems of Farmington, NY.

About Laminators Inc.

Laminators Logo Laminators Incorporated manufactures high-quality, American-made aluminum composite panel products. Known for their strength, durability and ease of installation, Laminators’ panels are used for building cladding, curtain wall infill or to provide dramatic accents of color, and can be used in conjunction with traditional masonry or glass. Featuring on-site fabrication and installation, Laminators’ ACM panels are available in 40 standard colors and in three different types of finishes. To learn more, visit

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