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Historical projects can be difficult to repair and renovate; much time and effort is spent trying to maintain the historical look and feel of the project. On many historical projects, the existing roof is slate and when repair is not possible, it must be replaced. The removal of slate is labor and time intensive, not to mention costly. Furthermore, the bins needed to catch the slate as it is removed are unattractive and may block walkways and entrances to the building.

Helen Hayes Hospital, in West Haverstraw, NY, had a 100 year old slate roof. As a rehabilitation facility for inpatient and outpatient care, it was important for the facility to remain open and operable during the reroofing process. Additionally, the new product had to be easy and quick to install. DECRA Shake stone coated steel roofing, in Mist Grey, was chosen for the project.

Safety hazards were minimized by installing the product on a batten system. Installed in 12 5⁄8” intervals, cracking slate was caught by the battens keeping pieces of slate from falling off the roof and onto the walkway. The battens were nailed to the deck, through the slate, with nails long enough to penetrate the deck below.

While protecting patients from falling slate, the batten system decreased the risk of injury to the installers by providing a way for them to walk on  the battens like a ladder, rather than directly on the slate.

The facility remained operable for 100% of the time. There was no interruption in their ability to service patients and the patients were not inconvenienced coming to, and leaving, the facility. In all, the use of DECRA Shake on a batten system over the aging slate, without removal of the slate, and the ability of the facility to remain open, saved the hospital $1.5 million dollars.

About DECRA® Roofing Systems Inc.

DECRA® Roofing Systems Inc., a Fletcher Building Products company, manufactures stone-coated steel roofing. For more information, visit www.decra.com.

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