Mother And Child Hospital

Kalzip Inc.

The exceptional is the norm for Kalzip Inc. and the versatility of the company’s metal roofing systems are on display at the Mother and Child Hospital in Limoges, France. The satellite-shaped hospital is built around three separate structures that were constructed in successive phases. Topping each is Kalzip standing seam metal roofing.

The first stage of the project involved the construction of the bedrooms. They are located in a separate building around the outside of the central section, which was constructed in the second phase. The final part of the project was to construct bridges between the buildings, thus allowing their interiors to be joined.

The construction of the bedrooms required 40’-long, conical-shaped aluminum panels curved to a radius of 66’. The care unit, which occupies the central section, features a wave form roof created via the fabrication and installation of 187’-long aluminum standing seam panels. Crimp-curved panels were also used to create the transition from roof to wall, hiding the guttering and creating the illusion of a seamless façade.

The hospital was designed by Group 6 of France. A2M of France installed the nearly 70,000 sq. ft. of 65/400 stucco-embossed aluminum Kalzip panels needed to complete the project. The project was completed in May 2005.

About Kalzip

Kalzip_logoKalzip offers standing seam roofing, wall cladding and related products. For more information, visit www.kalzip.com.

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