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Metal building systems offer the flexibility to blend in with virtually any environment, as evidenced in the construction on the Nason Medical Center in North Charleston, South Carolina. This facility was designed with vigilant consideration to four large oak trees that were to remain undisturbed. Metal building systems by Metallic Building Company played a prominent role in the construction.

The medical center boasts 10,000 sq. ft. of space and is comprised of six cardiac rooms, six exam rooms, a triage room, three trauma rooms, two X-ray rooms, a large reception area, large nurses’ stations, and a covered drive-thru for pick-ups and drop-offs. Some unique features include large sliding glass doors, 12’ windows, custom cabinetry and a towering 29’ ceiling.

The Nason Medical Center's exterior 6” metal stud curtainwall is finished with brick up to a 3’-4” height and EIFS (exerior insulation and finish system) to the cornice on all sides of the building. The fascia on the tower has column reveals and protruding cornice on three sides.

Topping off the building is a Metallic Double-Lok® Galvalume® ¼:12 single slope standing seam roof, chosen for its longevity, ease of installation and minimal long-term maintenance requirements. Double-Lok® was an ideal choice for this project as its knock-in bridging stabilizes and strengthens the purlin system, enabling it to endure high-force winds.

While the project's aesthetics and function are obvious benefits, it was noted that the pre-engineered metal building was primarily chosen for its cost effectiveness.

The project included the following team members: general contractor, builder and erector/roofing contractor - Frampton & Associates, Inc., (, Ladson, South Carolina; designer - Berenyi, Inc., Charleston, South Carolina; and building manufacturer - Metallic Building Company, based in Houston, Texas.

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