Zion Crossroads Health Clinic

ALPOLICĀ® / Mitsubishi Chemical Composites America Inc.

The construction of the new Zion Crossroads Health Clinic in Zion Crossroads, VA was completed in May 2012. The two-phased process involved the construction of a core building, two-story ambulatory healthcare shell, general practice clinic, radiology/imaging area and an outpatient surgery center. The facility’s design strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary, with ALPOLIC aluminum composite material from Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc. helping to convey the latter.

Richmond, VA-based Baskervill, working in collaboration with the University of Virginia Physicians Group, designed the 46,000 sq. ft. outpatient care facility. The firm used brick to maintain the facility’s regional architectural context while turning to the ALPOLIC material to create a more contemporary feel. The ACM was fabricated and installed by W.H. Stovall & Company, Inc. of Ashland, VA.

Almost 30,000 sq. ft. of 4mm-thick, fire-rated ALPOLIC/fr material is featured on the project, with finishes that include Mica Anodic Clear, Mica Grey and Walnut Timber. The Mica-finished panels are used as an exterior cladding, on canopies and as window accents while the Walnut Timber panels are featured at the walk-up canopy for contrast and to create a more warm, welcoming feel.

About ALPOLIC® / Mitsubishi Chemical Composites America Inc.

ALPOLIC Meet the SupplierALPOLIC® Metal Composite Materials are high-quality aluminum and metal composite panels manufactured in Japan, Germany and the United States. The company's Chesapeake, Virginia facility began production in 1991 and is home to Mitsubishi Chemical Composites America. The company is a North American standard-setter for innovation and quality, with an unsurpassed selection of colors and finishes. Manufacturing, distribution and support capabilities extend worldwide. ALPOLIC® Metal Composite Materials are among the most versatile and useful architectural materials available. They offer the rigidity of heavy-gauge architectural metals in a lightweight composite material, with a standard polyethylene or fire-resistant core. For more information about ALPOLIC® call 800-422-7270 visit

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