L-Way/Air-Sea International

Mid-West Steel Building Co.

L-Way/Air-Sea International is an office/warehouse building in Houston, Texas that was constructed with Mid-West Steel Building Company’s patented Long Bay® framing, which offers more wide open spaces where needed most in warehouses and industrial buildings that require open floor space.

Plus, Long Bay® requires less bridging, and fewer footings and columns - which saves money and increases usable space.

This Long Bay® project utilizes 50-foot bay spaces with rafters tying directly to the tilt wall panels to eliminate sidewall columns. By combining this with end wall tie-in conditions, this 50,000 square-foot building only has 12 interior columns. Long Bay® also offers superior strength-to-weight ratios and is compatible with many wall and roofing systems for increased flexibility in design and construction.

GRA-Gulf Coast Construction LLC was the general contractor on this building, which also features Double Lok roof panels on a 1/2:12 roof slope. The erector and roof contractor was Amalda and designer was TNRG Designs.

About Mid-West Steel Building Company

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