Beijing Olympic Hotel

Arkema Inc.

In 1990, Beijing played host to the 11th Asian Games, the largest regional sporting event in Asia. Thousands of athletes, coaches and spectators thronged to the capital to be part of this event. Providing them with a roof over their heads was the luxurious 338-room Beijing Olympic Hotel. And providing the roof with protection against Beijing’s extreme temperatures and weather conditions was a Kynar 500®-based coating, applied to the 3,000 square meter steel roof composite panels.

Kynar 500, a product from Arkema, Inc., has a proven reputation as the premium base for coatings and aluminum and galvanized steel surfaces. It provides a nearly impregnable defense against cracking, discoloration, fading and abrasion caused by weather extremes.

“The architects, when selecting the Kynar 500®-based finish, made the best choice, said Henry Mo, manager of Full Arts Metal Works Ltd., which supplied the Kynar®-based product. “They stipulated that Kynar 500® was the only product fully capable of providing hard-wearing protection and the type of metallic finish to complete the building’s dazzling appearance.”

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