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Metal Tile roofing has long been touted for its extreme wind upload resistance. In September 2008 the product faced a real-world test of its abilities when Hurricane Ike slammed the Texas coastline at Galveston.

The storm was rated the third most destructive hurricane ever to make landfall in the U.S. One of the Met-Tile projects in the storm’s path was a La Quinta Inn & Suites hotel. And though the building did sustain some damage to its stucco walls, the 24,000 sq. ft. of Met-Tile roofing survived intact, protecting the structure in the face of punishing winds and driving rain.

Met-Tile roofing carries a 230+ mph UL wind uplift rating, more than adequate to withstand Ike’s 110 mph wind speeds. Photos taken shortly after the storm subsided showed the 120-room hotel was basically unscathed. Slight damage to the paint finish of the metal roof panels over the building’s entrance was noted. It was believed to have been caused by a loose piece of the stucco wall topcoat flapping against it at the height of the storm.

The La Quinta Galveston property is located just three miles west of the downtown, not far from several beaches, cruise ports and prominent local attractions. The use of the Met-Tile roofing was not unique to that hotel. It has been specified on a large number of La Quinta properties because of its Mission-tile look, reduced weight and high performance. Several years ago, La Quinta management did a cost analysis and determined that the use of Met-Tile’s lightweight metal tile panels would reduce substructure requirements and save on construction costs compared to concrete tiles.

The architect for the La Quinta Galveston hotel was Danny Shah of D R Associates, Houston. Paul Gandhi was general contractor. The roofing contractor was All Star Aluminum Roofing & Siding, Houston. Paul Gavranovic (Houston) was the manufacturer’s rep and roofing consultant.

Met-Tile roofing is a product of McElroy Metal.

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