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For more than 150 years, the Mansion Hill Inn’s ornate exterior has radiated stately elegance. Thanks to the restoration efforts of Banker Wire, the Madison, WI bed and breakfast’s ornamental ironwork will continue to charm guests and passersby for years to come.

The 9,000 sq. ft. inn served originally as a single-family residence. Constructed in 1857 in the spirit of the Romanesque Revival, its distinct exterior wrought iron has never been altered. Maintaining the 19th-century artistry and design of the Madison historic site while restoring its ironwork was essential.

In the spirit of preserving historical integrity, the Mansion Hill Inn contracted Wolfgang Schweizer of Milwaukee-based German Blacksmith, LLC, to dismantle and repair the ornamental wire on the building’s iconic balcony. Schweizer, who works in the tradition of Old World craftsmanship, approached Banker Wire for help with the task because the company offers fully customizable wire weaves.

“This project was special because it allowed us the opportunity to recreate history,” said Harrison Horan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Banker Wire. “Whether we’re looking into history or toward the future for inspiration, our custom weaves can meet the most modern or traditional designs. The material’s timeless look is relevant in any era.”

Banker Wire created a unique die to duplicate the original ironwork’s slightly irregular decorative crimping pattern. The crimped wires were then assembled individually by hand, in a process reminiscent of their 1857 creation. The restored pattern now sits again where it has for more than a century – atop the balcony over the inn’s front entrance.

The characteristics inherent in Banker Wire mesh make it ideal for a restoration project like the Mansion Hill Inn. Design flexibility allows the material to match any time period, and durability ensures that it will last far into the future.

“Guests always comment on the balcony, as it speaks to a time gone-by. We’re grateful to Banker Wire for helping us recreate this wonderful detail of the past that you don’t see in today’s buildings,” said Margaux Stutz, general manager of the bed and breakfast.

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