Elk Grove Special Waste Collection Center

AEP Span

The City of Elk Grove, California’s Special Waste Collection Center opened in April 2014 with a commitment to a cleaner and greener community. The Center, which features AEP Span’s architectural metal panels, has earned LEED Gold Certification. The facility accepts recyclable materials diverted from local landfills.

“With the Elk Grove Special Waste Collection Center project, we wanted to express and celebrate the industrial chic nature of dealing with hazardous waste products at the same time creating a safe, warm and comfortable environment for the Center Staff,” said Eric Glass, AIA, LEED AP, and Principal of Santa Rosa-based firm Glass Architects. “The project is designed to take a heavily abused, neglected, and contaminated site and revitalize it, turning it into a protected habitat.”

Glass added, “Metal siding and roofing products were a natural choice for this project. The inherent durability and recycled content material speaks to the overall mission of this facility. The horizontal and vertical fluted siding creates a strong form and texture, enhancing the building’s character.”

The Elk Grove Special Waste Collection Center project features AEP Span’s 24-gauge Reverse Box Rib™ in ZACtique® II on the lower section of the wall application, 24-gauge HR-36® in Metallic Silver in the upper wall and canopy application, 24-gauge Prestige Series® in Metallic Silver in a soffit application, 16” 24-gauge SpanSeam™ in Hemlock Green in a roof application, and 24-gauge Curved Select Seam® in Hemlock Green for the curved canopy application.

The $4.6 million Center is described as the first facility of its kind in the nation powered by solar energy. Since its grand opening in April 2014, the Center has been used by customers to dispose of paint, cleaning supplies, electronics and other household recyclables. The Center also receives residents who visit the reuse room which offers at no cost a wide variety of new or partially used products which were collected through the Center.

The project's general contractor was Bobo Construction Inc. of Elk Grove, CA. The panel installer was MCM Roofing of McClellan, CA.

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