Hank Aaron State Trail Valley Passage Bridge

Floline Architectural Systems LLC

Used extensively by bicyclists, walkers, runners and skaters, the Hank Aaron State Trail in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, opened the new Valley Passage Bridge in 2010 to guide users across the Menomonee River. Covering the new bridge is curved metal roofing from Floline Architectural Systems, who was brought into the project by Wisconsin Steel Contractors of Mequon, Wisconsin.

The trail is named for legendary baseball player Hank Aaron, who began his major league baseball career in 1954 with the Milwaukee Braves and wrapped it up in 1976 with the Milwaukee Brewers. During those two decades, which included a move with the Braves to Atlanta, Aaron was one of the most productive players in the game’s history – eclipsing Babe Ruth’s lifetime home run record among many other achievements – and ultimately being inducted into the Hall Of Fame. As the trail illustrates, Aaron’s ties to Milwaukee have remained strong.

Hank Aaron State Trail is made up of dedicated trails and marked streets that span the area between Milwaukee’s west end and the shore of Lake Michigan. Floline Architectural Systems, LLC was called on by Wisconsin Steel Contractors to rollform and curve 3,010 net square feet of the Floline 900 Panel for the Valley Passage Bridge that connects Pierce and Canal Streets.

Floline’s 900 panel is an exposed-fastener profile with 1.5”-deep ribs that are spaced 5.9” o.c., resulting in superior spanning characteristics. On this trail bridge project, the panels were formed from 22-gauge steel with a Galvalume Plus finish. The strength of the curved panel allowed for a double span condition with supports 8’-2” o.c. along the arc.

Floline rollforms and curves its own panels, offering the benefits of single-source manufacturing. Curved panels are available in a broad range of panel thicknesses from 18- to 24-gauge, in a choice of 30-plus Kynar 500 colors.

The bridge’s fabricator was Wheeler Lumber, LLC from Bloomington, Minnesota.

The general contractor was Zenith Tech, Inc. from Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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