Sempra Utilities

Metallic Building Systems

Sempra Utilities is Southern California’s Gas Company. This 13,400 square foot facility is utilized as the gas operations center and fleet repair of Imperial County.

The 65’ 9” x 203’ 9” project, using a metal building system by Metallic Building Company, incorporated reverse haunch galvanized frames, with girts attached to the outer flange of reversed haunch columns.

The $500,000-plus project utilized a pre-engineered metal building with insulated standing seam roof panels because of the superior weathertighness and R-values up to 39.5. The insulated ESP 250 wall panels (R-value 19.9) were chosen for their flat architectural appearance. A cool roof color, Bone White, was selected for the Insulated Panel Systems (IPS) roof panels.

A separate building for mechanical functions and fleet repair has a mezzanine with a pan roof and patio area with heat and a summer misting system.

The single-slope, municipal project has been submitted for LEED Silver certification.

The project’s team included BSD Builders, Inc., builder; H.E. Hammer, erector; Yell & Associates; Insulated Panel Systems (IPS), panel manufacturer; and Metallic Building Company, building manufacturer.

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