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A Landscape Interior metal fabric application from Cambridge Architectural adds a mix of visual interest and unique textural appeal to the interior of Victory Plaza in Dallas, TX.

The mixed-use Plaza – located at the heart of Dallas’ changing streetscape – stands as a beacon to the neighboring American Airlines Arena, and functions as an integral part of Victory Park, a bustling $3 billion, 72-acre development modeled after New York City’s Time Square. As arena visitors pass through the buildings that comprise the Plaza, they are greeted by Cambridge Architectural’s Landscape Interior application, which mirrors the modern, high-energy styling that makes the expansive development an award-winning architectural attraction.

Cambridge’s woven metal fabric adorns the lobbies of the Plaza’s East and West buildings, lending an effortlessly chic, sophisticated appeal to the contemporary facility. The solution elegantly dresses the walls, ceilings and interior elevator cabs, with light brilliantly reflected throughout the interior, enveloping building patrons in panels of shimmering woven metal for an unparalleled visual experience.

“No matter which way patrons enter Victory Plaza, they are immediately greeted by the luminous display of metal mesh that surrounds them,” says Heather Collins, director of marketing for Cambridge Architectural. “The Landscape Interior woven metal application makes an elegant yet dramatic visual and textural statement that begs to be noticed.”

“Metal fabric was an excellent option for this project because of the wide variety of product options that Cambridge Architectural presented,” explains Richard Orne, AIA, president, Orne + Associates, Inc. “The woven metal mesh makes a unique aesthetic statement that we’re extremely pleased with.”

The metal fabric ceiling system was designed to create incredible light diffusion with the added functionality of obscuring the facility’s overhead sprinkler system. Cambridge’s high level of involvement – from the design phase all the way through to the installation process – was fundamental to the success of the completed metal fabric installation. As an integral part of the project, Cambridge engineered the metal fabric panels to fit directly with the ceiling system, working with the contractor to ensure successful installation.

“We were very happy with both the product and the assistance provided by Cambridge Architectural,” continues Orne. “They were with us for the entire process, even following through with the contractor to achieve the installation results that met our design expectations.”

“Cambridge’s unique ability to partner with the design and building teams through to the completion of a building project is what sets us apart from other metal fabric manufacturers,” explains Collins. “As part of the design team, we are able to qualify the budget for the intended design, coming on board early in the project.”

In addition to offering a refined style, the woven metal mesh application provides functional advantages over traditional alternatives. Mesh ceiling panels allow light and air to pass through to improve ventilation and air conditioning without sacrificing interior aesthetics. Wall and ceiling applications also help to control acoustics and serve as a dazzling canvas for lighting systems. Overall, the metal fabric installation functions as an affordable, sustainable component of the Plaza’s interior design. The mesh application maintains an extremely long lifecycle, requires minimal maintenance and is virtually indestructible.

Approximately 86 sq. ft. of metal fabric in Cambridge’s Tidal pattern was installed with a uniquely framed panel system that required extreme precision to create the crisp alignment of the mesh and panel seams. Tidal was additionally used for the wall panel installations, which required the same panel system. For the ceiling systems, approximately 712 sq. ft. of Ridge Modified metal fabric was attached with Tableau attachment hardware.

Construction on Victory Plaza was completed in the fall of 2006. Orne + Associates, Inc., Borrego Springs, CA served as project architect while Beck Group, Dallas, TX, served as general contractor. Facility Construction, Dallas, TX, was also involved as the project’s elevator manager. Upon total completion, the entire Victory Park development will consist of eight to ten million square feet and attract over 14 million visitors per year.

Cambridge Architectural maintains a fully-staffed engineering department to assist with installation details, framing design and load characteristics, as well as on-site installation supervision throughout the design-build process.

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