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Everyone is celebrating the new Drexel Metals Galvalume-finish roof on the picturesque Celebration Church located in Kissimmee, FL. The DMC 150SS profile used for the roof is Drexel Metals’ traditional mechanically seamed metal roof system. It is applicable to both light-duty commercial and residential use, and is installed over a solid wood deck with a minimum slope of 2:12. The architectural profile also allows for radius applications.

The concealed fasteners and floating clip system of the DMC 150SS system allow for thermal movement and minimize the appearance of “oil canning”. The product is approved for use on projects that require a weathertightness warranty.

The town of Celebration was created by the Walt Disney Company and has grown from humble beginnings to now boasting 9,000 residents. Many of its original homes and buildings are topped with metal roofing, with the church continuing that tradition. The Drexel Metals roof was picked to not only blend with the character of the town, but because it could protect the church and its congregation for many years to come.

Drexel Metals partnered with Collis Roofing, located in Longwood, FL to complete this structure. Collis Roofing selected Drexel Metals because of their superior warranties and the dedication to each project Drexel Metals undertakes. Brian McCarthy, the metal roofing department manager for Collis Roofing, said, “Drexel Metals backs their products, which is one of the biggest things for us. We can rely on Drexel Metals at every turn which gives us the peace of mind we need”.

In addition to fabricating and installing the roof, Collis Roofing also used Drexel Metals flat sheet to fabricate the church's crosses.

“This is a perfect example of how versatile Drexel Metals is,” noted a Drexel Metals news release about the project. “We offer a complete system of metal roofing supplies, equipment, and support. Our products can be utilized in many different ways and we provide everything the contractor needs to successfully complete each project with ease. Our products are also backed by unbeatable warranties to give the architect, building owner, and contractor peace of mind.”

About Drexel Metals

Drexel Metals Inc. is a provider of coil, engineering support and machinery to jobsite fabricators of metal roofing. For more information visit www.residentialmetalroof.com.

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