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Located in Elizabethtown, PA, the new Elizabethtown Brethren In Christ Church was expanded by Arthur Funk & Sons Inc. Construction Services of Lebanon, PA, an Authorized VP Builder. The project, which included a worship and welcome area and offices, utilized Varco Pruden Buildings' Rigid Frame system.

The Elizabethtown Brethren In Christ Church was selected as the Best of Church Category Award Winner in the 2018 Varco Pruden Hall Of Fame presentation.

The custom-engineered steel building was given depth perspective and curb appeal along the major roadway side by using a bump-out that creates visual interest. The 9,000 sq. ft. sanctuary utilizes windows and lighting fixtures that were taken from the church's old sanctuary and repurposed into a welcome center. With the positioning of the church on the roadway, the windows were tinted with a cross inlay to retain the ambiance and sanctity of worship services.

"Arthur Funk & Sons' expertise in construction was instrumental in the success of our sanctuary expansion project," noted a church spokesperson. "As we worked through the design-build process with Funk and our architectural firm, Cornerstone Design-Architects, Funk presented a cost-savings option to utilize a steel system instead of conventional framing. We were able to meet all of our project requirements and objectives with the steel system, which helped us get our project within budget so that we could move forward. We are extremely pleased with the finished product thanks to Arthur Funk & Sons and an excellent team effort."

Congregation members performed many tasks to aid the construction process. For example, a painter matched the exterior design of the building by creatively painting a service door on the exterior of the facility.

In addition to the steel framing system, Varco Pruden Buildings supplied Cool Dark Bronze roofing in the SSR profile. The church expansion was completed in July 2017.

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