Matthias Church (Matyas Templon) Restoration

Copper Exclusive

Lajos Kun of Copper Exclusive restored some copper details on the historic Matthias Church (Mátyás Templon) in Budapest, Hungary. Among the work done by Copper Exclusive was downspout re-creation as well as restoration of a copper bird which is perched atop the church.

Officially known as the Church Of Our Lady, the structure dates back to the 13th Century. It was reconstructed and expanded in the 15th Century through the commission of King Matthias Corvinus, believed by many to have been the greatest ruler of the Hungarian empire during the early Renaissance.

The building was taken over in the 1500s by the Turks, who whitewashed it for use as a mosque while valuable artworks were destroyed or removed. Upon reclaiming control of the structure, the Hungarians restored much of the details. Since then, the building has hosted coronations, weddings and other noteworthy events that included some famous historical figures. It is among Hungary's most recognizable and beloved pieces of architecture.

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