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The RHEINZINK-clad dome atop the new Mormon Temple in Tucson marks a unique feature in the design of the religion’s temples throughout the United States. “Domes are rare on temples,” said Mandy Martineau, church member and project manager with FFKR Architects, Salt Lake City.  “The dome has really captured the attention of the city and church members alike.”

The dome is clad with 2,500 RHEINZINK Flat Lock Tiles installed in a diamond pattern. The 10” square prePATINA blue-grey tiles were fabricated by RHEINZINK systems partner Sheet Metal Supply (SMS), Mundelein, IL.

“We wanted to make the design regionally responsive and fit the vernacular,” Martineau said.  “After briefly considering Spanish tile for the dome, the design team opted for RHEINZINK because it presented a more formal, refined appearance. We also liked the idea that the RHEINZINK gives the dome a life of its own. We love how it reflects the sky at different times of day. The RHEINZINK really picks up the differing colors of the desert environment.”

The 38,000 sq. ft. temple is used for sacred ordinances such as eternal marriages and family sealings as well as baptisms for deceased family members. There are more than 150 Mormon Temples around the world.

The design of the Tucson Temple dome was influenced by the famous Duomo in Florence. “The proportion of our dome is the same as the Duomo in Italy,” according to Martineau. The Tucson dome is 20’ tall with a diameter of 30’.

Installation of the RHEINZINK Flat Lock Tiles was done by Progressive Roofing, Inc., Tucson. John Daugherty, a self-described “long-time pattern maker and layout man,” was the project manager. Daugherty utilized his 40 years of metalworking experience to help resolve a troublesome substrate that he discovered when he got on the job. “Once we got a good substrate, the layout really wasn’t too challenging. The interlocking shingle system is a good one. The RHEINZINK product is beautiful and I really like the way it patinas in a uniform, consistent manner as it weathers.”

Progressive Roofing also utilized 32 flat sheets of RHEINZINK, provided by SMS, to fabricate flashing and detailing on the dome.

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