Lakeview Condominiums

Arkema Inc.

Metal roofing coated with a KYNAR 500 PVDF based finish was chosen to replace the weather damaged asphalt tiles on the Lakeview Condominiums to provide years of service with virtually no maintenance. The Lakeview Condo Association hired Simpson Development to give new life to the 16 buildings, each with 8 family units, located in Enfield, New Hampshire.

KYNAR 500-based metal roofing has been widely used in severe weather areas to reduce snow loading while providing long-term durability and color retention.

Englert Inc. of Perth Amboy, NJ applied the Charcoal Permacolor finish to the 80,000 square feet of metal roofing fabricated onsite by JEI, Inc. doing business as Iron Horse Standing Seam Roofing. BASF’s ULTRA-Cool coatings, based on KYNAR 500 PVDF resin, were used and meet Energy Star specifications for cool, energy-saving roofs. The coating system reflects heat away from the building while increasing the life expectancy of the roof by reducing the expansion and contraction that decreases structural integrity and eliminates oil canning of the metal surface.

About Arkema

Arkema logoArkema offers PVDF resins used in metal coatings. For more information, visit www.kynar500.com.

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