Lutheran Social Services Center For Children & Youth

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The Lutheran Social Services (LSS) Center for Children & Youth residential facility located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was designed to be long-lasting and economical while impacting the local community by assisting more children.

The original facility was a 1960 building, and in order to increase their capacity, the LSS – Center for Children and Youth needed a flexible design that also made sure they were good stewards of donor funds. This was accomplished by using metal buildings for four wings (15,000 square feet) of the 33,000 total square foot project. The metal building measures 120’ x 125’ x 24’ and each wing can house up to 11 children.

Metal products included Metallic’s Ultra-Dek® standing seam roof in Signature® 300 Everglade with a roof slope of 1/4:12. The Ultra-Dek® roof solution allowed for easier installation, energy efficiency and lower maintenance and, ultimately, was selected for its longevity and visual appearance. Other metal accessories incorporated into the project were PBA embossed sidewall and endwall panels, parapet walls, overhang canopies, bolt in bar joist and multiple roof framed openings and roof curbs. Green attributes integrated in the facility were an R-38 roof insulation system and R-30 wall insulation above the metal stud framing.

The project’s team included: Builder, Erector and Roofing Contractor—Daren Construction, Inc., Sioux Falls, South Dakota; General Contractor—Sioux Falls Construction, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Architect/Designer—Steven C. Pederson AIA, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Building Manufacturer—Metallic Building Company, Houston, Texas.

The short-term living facility offers 24-hour/365-day supervision, on-site counselors, classrooms, dorms, office space, recreational and living resources for the 40+ youth it can now serve.

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