North Tract Loft Apartments

Laminators Inc.

Located within minutes of the United States Pentagon, the North Tract Loft Apartment community takes pride in a LEED-compliant lifestyle while offering breathtaking, unobstructed views of Washington, DC and the Potomac River. The 228,000 square-foot complex features 184 luxury apartments, lofts and townhouses.

With decorative appeal in mind, The Preston Partnership of Falls Church, VA, designed the project with a variety of exterior cladding materials, including 85,000 square feet of Bright Silver Omega-Lite aluminum composite panels, manufactured by Laminators Incorporated. Omega-Lite panels contain a total of 70% total recycled which can contribute to achieving LEED points. The panels were installed by Mid-South Building Supply of Springfield, VA using Laminators’ 1-piece, Tight-Fit Moldings installation system.

Companies involved with the North Tract Lofts project include The Preston Partnership of Falls Church, VA, Mid-South Building Supply of Springfield, VA and Clark Builders Group, LLC, of Arlington, VA.

About Laminators Inc.

Laminators Logo Laminators Incorporated manufactures high-quality, American-made aluminum composite panel products. Known for their strength, durability and ease of installation, Laminators’ panels are used for building cladding, curtain wall infill or to provide dramatic accents of color, and can be used in conjunction with traditional masonry or glass. Featuring on-site fabrication and installation, Laminators’ ACM panels are available in 40 standard colors and in three different types of finishes. To learn more, visit www.laminatorsinc.com.

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