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For hundreds of years, going back to medieval cathedrals and even earlier structures, architects have specified copper when they wanted a roofing system that ages beautifully and lasts for decades – or even centuries. So when the owner of a new luxury waterfront home in Port Ludlow, Wash., wanted a roofing system that would be both durable and appropriate for the breathtaking natural surroundings, copper was a logical choice.

“This particular home offered a unique opportunity to showcase the natural beauty of copper, since the roofing material plays a prominent role in the building’s architecture,” explained Tony Chiovare, president of Custom-Bilt Metals, which supplied the 3,500 square feet of copper panels for the roofing system. The system was installed by Innerstate Custom Roofing of Spanaway, Wash., an authorized Custom-Bilt contractor.

The home’s unique roofing system was formed using 16 and 20-ounce copper, which was fabricated into 18½-inch-wide panels in 10-foot lengths. The panel seams were then covered with 16-ounce copper battens.

Most of the panels were applied vertically, with curved ends that were formed onsite, but a prominent and highly visible variation occurs at the home’s entryway, where the panels are applied in a horizontal pattern.

“This architectural design provides for a truly eye-catching roofing application right at the entryway,” said Chiovare. “Applying the panels ‘Bermuda style’ at the entry helps to showcase the beauty of the copper – which will become even more beautiful as it acquires a patina over time.”

That patina – along with copper’s proven durability – were key factors in the choice of roofing materials, Chiovare added. “Since the home is right on the water, the homeowner wanted copper for its durability and looks,” he said.

In addition to weathering beautifully over the coming decades, the copper panels will withstand the damp marine environment with virtually no ongoing maintenance required. The copper roof also offers excellent wind resistance, and quickly sheds debris and snow loads, which further minimizes homeowner maintenance chores.

Copper roofs are also Class “A” fire rated, and are very lightweight when compared to other systems such as tile, wood shakes or composition shingles, Chiovare added.

“With so many practical advantages – and with its unmatched eye appeal – its obvious why this homeowner chose copper for this stunning waterfront home,” he concluded.

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