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Ohio Gratings, Inc. (OGi) of Canton, Ohio recently provided its aluminum bar screen product for the Tao Condominium project in Sunrise, Florida. This complex includes both living quarters and a parking structure, both of which were designed to utilize materials that were aesthetically appealing as well as durable, secure and economical. Approximately 13,000 sq. ft. of OGi's aluminum bar screen, with a clear anodized finish, was used in three different areas of the development.

The parking garage utilized 6,000 square feet of 1" x 1/8" aluminum bars as a security screen, which allowed for excellent airflow and security protection. The rooftop signature structures were built to provide a unique “landmark” when looking at the complex from a distance. The three rooftop structures—80’ x 25’ each—were built from curved aluminum tube structures infilled with an additional 6,000 square feet of the Ohio Gratings aluminum bar screen. To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the condos, four decorative garden trellises—30’ x 15’ each—were installed with 1,800 square feet of the same aluminum infill.

OGi’s headquarters and a 312,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility are located in Canton. Other facilities are located in Ridgeland, South Carolina; Houston, TX; and Lindon, UT. These facilities offer an array of grating products and services that include an inventory of light-duty steel and aluminum. They provide complete fabrication services from banding to the most complex fabrication request. For more information, visit

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