The Forge On Broadway

Laminators Inc.

If there's a right balance between style and affordability, the developers behind The Forge On Broadway in Buffalo, NY, seem to have struck it. Conceived to provide affordable 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units for tenants meeting income caps, the 159-unit, three-story project offers plenty of amenities and boasts curb appeal to boot, thanks in part to the incorporation of Omega-Lite ACM panels from Laminators Inc. into the design.

The exterior of the newly built apartment complex features Dove Grey, Slate Grey, and Regal Blue Omega-Lite ACM panels.  Silvestri Architects, Buffalo, NY chose Omega-Lite panels because they offer a highly decorative, strong and durable surface finish for exterior wall surfaces.  Composed of a polypropylene, corrugated core between two finished aluminum sheets, these panels are non-absorbent, water-resistant and easy to maintain.

WBE Walls and Ceilings, Grand Island, NY installed 10,000 sq. ft. of panels using Laminators’ 1-Piece, Tight-Fit Molding installation system.  Overseeing the installation was general contractor Kulback’s Inc., Lancaster, NY.

Laminators’ 1-Piece, Tight-Fit Molding system is a proprietary system that uses durable 1-piece moldings for a simple installation. The moldings are available in two styles, "H" and "Reveal H", offering two different design options for the panel joints. The installed system provides a traditional, yet high-tech appearance at an affordable cost.

Laminators’ Omega-Lite panels installed with the 1-Piece, Tight-Fit system guaranteed The Forge on Broadway a class A fire rating. The system meets NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 285 requirements, as well as Miami-Dade County Product Control and Florida Product Approval requirements. Laminators Inc. manufactures these high-quality ACM panels to such stringent performance levels so design professionals and building owners can have confidence that their cladding will withstand the most extreme conditions.

About Laminators Inc.

Laminators Logo Laminators Incorporated manufactures high-quality, American-made aluminum composite panel products. Known for their strength, durability and ease of installation, Laminators’ panels are used for building cladding, curtain wall infill or to provide dramatic accents of color, and can be used in conjunction with traditional masonry or glass. Featuring on-site fabrication and installation, Laminators’ ACM panels are available in 40 standard colors and in three different types of finishes. To learn more, visit www.laminatorsinc.com.

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