Architectural Chamber Of Amsterdam

Kalzip Inc.

The Architectural Chamber of Amsterdam (ARCAM) in the Netherlands was clad with 7,000 sq. ft. of convex and concave curved AluPlusZinc panels in a Kalzip 50/333 profile. The AluPlusZinc is folded over the roof and extends right down to the ground to provide the building with an eye-catching architectural detail.

The architect, René van Zuuk, had to contend with a narrow site on the Oosterdoks quay in the heart of Amsterdam, designed the compact sculptural building. The design incorporates concrete pillars from a pavilion that had previously occupied the spot. The three-story building comprises offices and exhibitions offering a wealth of information about architecture.

Kalzip AluPlusZinc offers a cost-effective and practical alternative to pure zinc, combining the aesthetic appeal of zinc with the intrinsic benefits of aluminum, including outstanding durability, full recyclability and maintenance free performance. The unique, patented PEGAL process used to fuse the zinc and aluminum together creates a lightweight, extremely strong, anti-corrosive material, making AluPlusZinc ideal for both the renovation of historic buildings and the creation of modern architectural icons like the ARCAM.

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