Golden Gate Pavilion

Vulcraft Joists / Verco Decking, Nucor Corp.

Vulcraft joists were used to assemble an inventive design for the Golden Gate Pavilion in San Francisco, California, helping to make the contemporary structure an international gateway and visitor destination in honor of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary in 2012.

“When the Golden Gate Bridge has been hailed as one of the modern wonders of the word, you must develop its visitor center with the latest technology and innovation,” said Louis Lozano, Vulcraft Northern California District Sales Manager. “Vulcraft’s joists play a vital aesthetic role in the design and architecture of the new welcome center.”

Project Frog, the design team, worked with Vulcraft to determine the joist profile that would best fit the design features. Vulcraft’s LH series joists were chosen for their open web aspect that favored the airy layout. These joists are one of Vulcraft’s special profiles designed to reach longer spans while supporting large loads and accommodating a variety of conditions.

“The Vulcraft team was able to take Project Frog’s vision and bring it to life,” said John Jackson, Project Frog director of architecture. “The open, column-free span floor space provides flexibility for unconstrained interpretative exhibit design; perfect for retail.”

Serving as the anchor to draw visitors to the area, the 3,500-square-foot facility is cloaked in the same internationally famous orange color as the Bridge itself. Numerous “green” features are incorporated into the building including a LED track lighting system that is attached to the joists throughout the pavilion.

The project began the summer of 2011 and the visitor center was completed a year later on May 8, 2012. The pavilion offers an extensive look at the bridge’s history, while also providing education on sustainable building techniques, energy performance and environmental responsibility.

About Vulcraft/Verco Decking

Vulcraft_logoAs an engineered products group of Nucor Corporation, Vulcraft produces joists, joist girders and steel deck. Verco Decking Inc. supplies corrugated steel roof and floor deck. For more information, visit or

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