La Grande Arche de La Defense

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The historic axis of Paris, which leads from the Louvre to the Arc de Triomphe, was created in the 17th Century. Today it continues to La Grande Arche at the extremity of La Defense, the business centre of Paris.

The architect of this remarkable structure was the late Johan-Otto von Spreckelsen, winner of an international architectural competition judged in 1983. Completed in 1989 and opened on July 14th to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the French revolution, La Grande Arche is an immense monolithic cube, with its 300,000 tons soaring 110 meters into the sky. The interior of the cube is wide enough to house Notre Dame Cathedral.

Comprising 87,000 square meters, the side walls provide office space for 2,000 employees. The huge terrace roof offers the visitor an extraordinary view of the city and has become one of the most visited tourist attractions of Paris.

The aluminum panels of La Grande Arche were spray coated in a metallic pewter Kynar 500®-based finish. Kynar 500® was chosen not only for its exceptional durability and quality of finish, but also for its superior performance when used with silicone glazing.

In the words of the architect Johan-Otto von Spreckelsen, La Grande Arche represents “A window onto the world, and onto the future.” The versatility and lasting beauty of Kynar 500®-based coatings are designed to enable architects freedom of innovation and provide long-term protection to the buildings of the future.

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