San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex Headquarters And Visitors Center

AEP Span

An AEP Span metal roof system was the top choice when Catalyst Architecture LLC of Prescott, AZ set out to achieve LEED Platinum Certification and a Net-Zero energy design for the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex Headquarters and Visitors Center. The center is located in central California near Los Banos.

Staying true to the ecology of the site and having the facility complement the surrounding environment was important to telling the store of the refuge. "A metal roof, combined with a rough timber frame and tall windows was a natural fit for the culture of the refuge and the agrarian roots of the central valley region," said Matthew Ackerman, LEED-AP AIA, principal of Catalyst Architecture. "The design of the roof was more inverted and symbolic of the wings of a bird in flight, which characterizes the refuge as a major wintering ground and migratory stopover point along the Pacific Flyway for large concentrations of waterfowl, shorebirds and other waterbirds."

The 16,500 sq. ft. center features 24-gauge, 17" Design Span® hp in bare ZINCALUME®. The standing seam feature of Design Span hp was an integral part of accomplishing the design. "AEP Span's standing seam metal roof gave us a leak-resistant, durable and reliable structural platform for our integrated roof-mounted photovoltaic arrays," explained Ackerman. "AEP Span's sales and technical staff was helpful, knowledgeable and worked closely with us on this fairly unique application." To address the low-slope cricket sections of the roof, AEP Span recommended an alternate panel to achieve the performance requirements of the roof. The mechanically seamed, wide flat surface of Span-Lok™ hp was ideal for installation due to its capability of being installed on roof slopes as low a 1/4:12.

There are many benefits to metal roofs, including a wide selection of profiles and durable coating systems to choose from. AEP Span architectural roof panels are available with high-performance PDVF coatings that remain durable and attractive for decades. These coatings offer a reduction in building cooling loads through their high solar reflectivity and emissivity ratings. Moreover, AEP Span architectural roof panels have all been environmentally tested for air and water infiltration and wind uplift.

Combining AEP Span's metal roof system with other elements contributed to making the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex Headquarters and Visitors Center the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service's highest performing facility in the nation. The project has earned LEED Platinum Certification, Net-Zero, the 2013 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Green Facility Award, 2013 U.S. Department of the Interior Green Facility Award, and the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy – Energy and Water Management Award.

The project's general contractor was West Coast Contractors of Reno, NV. The metal roof installer was Top Built Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA.

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