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With an unusual curved radius design, intricate seam configurations and panel lengths of up to 160 feet, the new Semper Fit Fieldhouse at the U.S. Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton, Calif., posed an array of challenges to Mark Katona and his crews. Katona’s company, Keystone Roofing Inc., was hired to fabricate and install the striking standing seam metal roof on the 65,000-square-foot fieldhouse, which will be the largest Marine Corps fitness facility. Despite the daunting size and design challenges, Katona’s crews successfully completed the assignment over the course of a seven-month installation, producing an eye-catching standing seam metal roof and fascia that was deemed “flawless” by the building’s general contractor.

“We worked with the architect, planners and builder to create a soffit and fascia configuration that to our knowledge was one of a kind,” said Katona, a second-generation roofing contractor specializing in custom metal roofing. “This enabled us to install metal to the perimeter of the building cost effectively, and with the highest standards of quality in our industry.”

Katona credits the project’s success to a combination of factors including the skills and craftsmanship of his crews, coupled with a superior roofing product from Custom-Bilt Metals®, a long-time leader in the painted metal industry, which supplied the material for both the metal roof and the fascia.

“Custom-Bilt was selected for the metal package because of their superior product in their new ULTRA-Cool™ coating system, along with their dedication to performing this project with a no nonsense approach,” Katona said. “We worked together to develop the ways to fabricate some panels which are upwards of 160 feet in length.”

“We welcomed the opportunity to be involved in this important project, and to work with the dedicated roofing professional we encountered at Keystone Roofing,” said Joe Chiovare of Custom-Bilt Metals. “The quality of their work is obvious to everyone.”

Chiovare added that he heard one representative of the general contractor, Harper Construction, remark that the fascia metal is “so smooth you could shave in front of it.”

Designed by Sillman Wright Architects of San Diego, the expansive new indoor fitness center features a barrel roof design over the main gymnasium area, flanked by adjacent curved radius wings. The striking architecture is enhanced by 650 squares of Custom-Bilt’s CB-150 T-panel standing seam roofing in a rich Colonial Red color that is consistent with other buildings on the base.

“This project is the crown jewel of the Marine base and in my opinion is the best in the nation in both look and design,” said Katona. “The building has great character and curb appeal, with a strong yet elegant look the red roof produces.”

That’s not just Katona’s opinion alone. His assessment is backed up by others, including the general contractor, who Katona says used a single word to describe the roof and metal fascia installation: “flawless.”

“We are immensely proud of both the striking appearance and the many services the new Semper Fit Fieldhouse will provide to Marines and their families here at the nation’s busiest military base,” said Bill Shatzer, Camp Pendleton Project Engineer. He noted that the new facility will house two gymnasiums, four racquetball courts, a multipurpose room, an aerobics room, a huge weight training and cardiovascular area, locker rooms, plus a wellness room and classroom.

The massive building’s roof features 22 -gauge decking and GAF Storm Shield ice and water shield. The standing seam CB-150 panels are coated with Custom-Bilt’s new premium ULTRA-Cool coating, a new technology developed by BASF Corporation’s Industrial Coatings Division which greatly reduces heat absorption, thereby saving energy, reducing cooling costs, and increasing the life expectancy of the roof.

“Custom-Bilt has shown integrity and diligence through a very complicated and demanding job,” Katona added. “There were many needs and demands put on us, and each time we needed immediate response, we called upon Custom-Bilt and they were unwavering. We feel they’re an awesome team of professionals.”

Chiovare added that project’s ultimate success was also due to the exceptional skill and craftsmanship of the Keystone Roofing crews, which also installed 16 gauge galvanized box fascia and soffit material to the entire perimeter of the building, in addition to the custom-extruded standing seam roof panels.

“Their performance under adverse conditions was truly world-class,” Chiovare said. “Our crews were able to install material under some of the most difficult circumstances an installer can face – they were virtually rappelling on some areas of the gymnasium roof,” added Katona. “Plus, we have developed a way to nearly eliminate oil-canning of installed sheet metal panes up to three feet wide. This method is a closely guarded company practice that made it possible for the finished installation to be so flawless in its appearance.”

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