Statue Of Liberty Interior Renovation

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The Statue of Liberty re-opened on the Fourth of July, with a number of renovations – including new stairway railings inside the monument’s pedestal. Banker Wire provides mesh infill panels for the railings, enhancing the look and durability of the interior staircases.

The Statue of Liberty had been closed to visitors since October 2012, when Hurricane Sandy damaged much of the infrastructure on Liberty Island, where it stands. The statue itself, however, did not suffer storm-related damage. Its 126-year-old iron framework, designed by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, withstood the hurricane’s battering.

Banker Wire worked with fabricator SRS Inc., Metuchen, NJ, and distributor Direct Metals Company LLC, Kennesaw, GA, to outfit the Statue of Liberty with mesh products that matched the original framework’s durability, functionality and stately aesthetic.

"It was a pleasure working with Banker Wire. The project went very smoothly, and the material provides a perfect aesthetic, high durability and is easily serviceable,” says Rich Blatman, president of SRS, Inc.

The statue’s interior stairways feature Banker Wire’s L-92 wire mesh in bronze. The mesh is woven in a lock-crimp style. Straight sections of wire are connected by highly-defined, lock-crimped intersections, ensuring the panels’ stability. This heightens their ability to provide fall protection to the monument’s 3.5 million anticipated annual visitors.

The mesh matched the aesthetic standards of the national landmark through the attention to detail and customization options for which Banker Wire has become known. The single most important detail in this installation was the repeatability of the mesh pattern – and as with every Banker Wire project, a wire weave was created to ensure that repeatability.

This installation used bronze, giving it an unmistakable caramel color. Like the Statue itself, bronze Banker Wire mesh is composed of copper – with tin as an additive. Banker Wire mesh is available in a variety of alloys.

"Direct Metals Company was confident that Banker Wire would deliver a high-quality product, on time and at a reasonable cost,” says John Hoover, owner of Direct Metals. “The partnership between Direct Metals and Banker Wire allowed for a successful installation at one of our nation's most important landmarks."

Blatman, of SRS, Inc., agrees. “I would definitely work with Banker Wire again. Their mesh is a premier architectural metal, and ideal for railing applications like the one at the Statue of Liberty,” he says.

This installation was part of renovations that began in October 2011. Other changes to the monument include new exterior granite staircases, renovated restrooms, new emergency elevators and a new air-conditioning system.

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