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To create the dramatic curvilinear roof of the new Cold War Museum at RAF Cosford in Shropshire, England, architects Feilden Clegg Bradley (UK) required a building material that was flexible enough to achieve even the most challenging of designs. Kalzip aluminum standing seam panels proved the ideal choice.

Comprising two opposing triangular structures that connect to form a strong axis along the length of the building, the complex twisted-plane geometry of the roof form is accentuated by the 107,000 of Kalzip standing seam roofing that covers it. Installed by approved Teamkal contractors WWR (UK), the Kalzip was also specified for the wall design, with the panels twisting from the vertical spine wall to 30-degree angles at opposites ends of the building.

The complexity of the building’s design meant that outstanding formability was the main consideration in the specification process and Kalzip aluminum standing seam was found to be the only system capable of achieving the ever-changing pitch without crimping along the 443’-long axis. Offering unlimited design potential, the standard Kalzip panels were twisted along their length to achieve the specific requirements of the architects.

Owing to the nature of the facility, the roof integrity was vitally important. Kalzip’s thermal performance will help ensure the safe environment for the many historic artifacts exhibited at the museum. In addition to keeping air leakage to a minimum, the “zip” technology of the Kalzip panels creates a weathertight seal that will protect the building from potential weather damage, creating a landmark site that will undoubtedly grow in stature with time.

Offically opened in February 2007, the exhibition is expected to attract some 25,000 visitors a year and boasts such exciting exhibits as Britain’s three V-bombers—Vulcan, Victor and Valiant—along with 13 other Cold War-era aircraft. There’s even a replica of the Berlin wall.

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