Glasgow Riverside Museum

RHEINZINK America Inc.

The striking new Riverside Museum in Glasgow immerses visitors in the city’s rich history as one of Scotland’s key transportation hubs. Designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the soft, flowing lines of the museum’s spectacular architecture presents an impressive sight. The roof and façade merge into one element and create intriguing, unique geometries.

The façade is clad with RHEINZINK’s angled standing seam profile and the roof utilizes the double standing seam profile. To assure smoothly flowing lines, the installation process started with the vertical facades. In order to create a seamless transition to the roof, every profile was individually matched to the curves of the building. Approximately 24,000 panels were made on site and tailored to perfection. According to project architect Johannes Hoffmann, “From the concept stage onward, we saw the design as an extrusion through the building. The RHEINZINK panels express and accentuate that geometric idea with the standing seam line layout, suggesting iterations of the skyline elevation set deep within the extrusion.”

Installation of the RHEINZINK was done by Varia, United Kingdom.

About RHEINZINK America Inc.

RHEINZINK America, Inc. is a North American provider of architectural zinc used in the fabrication of roofing, facades, rainware and architectural details. For more information visit

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