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, MS

Plant Locations: Ceco Building Systems’ headquarters is in Columbus, MS, with many manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Products & Services Offered: Ceco Building Systems manufactures metal building systems for markets that include Manufacturing, Distribution, Community, Religious, Recreational, Office, Retail, Mini-Warehouse and Educational facilities. These buildings range in size from 400 sq. ft. up to millions of sq. ft. The largest single building under one roof is in excess of 1 million sq. ft.

Drawing on vast experience gained from over six decades in the forefront of the metal building industry, Ceco provides a unique level of insight to guide customers through every step of the building acquisition process from the perspective of a seasoned builder. As new construction methods, technologies, materials and regulations come into play, Ceco is the metal building supplier that can be counted on to bring any design to its fullest potential. The level of confidence that can be placed in the performance of a Ceco metal building and the Ceco team sets them apart from even the most competitive steel building suppliers.

From concept to completion, Ceco understands exactly what it takes to make a building project successful. Ceco places a high value on the customer relationships it builds. And, the company has the knowledge, experience and strength to create reality from vision.

That’s why Ceco is trusted with a wide range of custom metal building projects, including many of the nation’s government buildings, office buildings and school buildings.

While Ceco provides buildings at a very competitive price and with ease and efficiency, the company specializes in metal building systems that are far more complex. More importantly, no matter what the scope of the project, customer’s satisfaction is the priority.

At Ceco, the building frame, roof panel and wall panel systems provide a surprising range of architectural possibilities in steel construction. Plus, an extensive option of materials and products allows alternatives to help keep the project within budget.

Ceco has been a pioneer in product development, always refining today’s needs and working on tomorrow’s solutions to sustainability and certainly affordability.

Ceco’s environmentally friendly methods and highly recyclable materials gain valuable ground toward achieving sustainable building objectives. In addition, Ceco products, like insulated roof panels and insulated wall panels, provide a significant energy efficiency advantage, and they go up faster than when an independent insulation system is used.

Any steel frame system is built to last, but to Ceco, a high performance end product is just the beginning. Not every steel building manufacturer has the experience, product selection or architectural flexibility to meet expectations like Ceco. That’s why the company is there every step of the way, helping achieve the end goal – no matter how simple or complex – with a clear path from start to finish. From large commercial and industrial steel buildings to smaller facilities for private use, Ceco-Steel-Strong results are always delivered.

Ceco’s products are adaptable to custom designs and a variety of architectural treatments, such as wood, glass, Dryvit, masonry, specialty panels, hardwall/tilt-up construction and more. And, Ceco has one of the broadest product offerings in the industry.

Ceco has numerous plants across the United States for easy access and best delivery. With Ceco’s technology, the best builder estimating system is available.

Ceco Building Systems’ mission is to be “indispensable” to its customers by providing a uniquely effective combination of Product, Service, Knowledge and Technology.

History: World War II was still prominent in people’s minds in 1947 when a young engineer named C. L. Mitchell founded Mitchell Engineering in Columbus. In 1950, Mitchell’s staff included four people in the office, four in the shop and an erection crew of three. By 1951, Mitchell’s staff was totally designing and fabricating all of its own buildings utilizing 4:12 slope Fink trusses and bowstring trusses, both typical of early metal buildings. In 1961, Mitchell made the decision to merge with the Ceco Corporation to give added financial strength to his growing enterprise.

In 1967, a manufacturing plant was constructed in Rocky Mount, NC, with another plant added in Mount Pleasant, IA, in 1972. Ceco’s original 4,000 sq. ft. of space has grown to more than 700,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with an additional 45,000 sq. ft. of office space at three locations. The ’60s were the growth years of the metal building industry, and Ceco was a leader in custom, uniform pricing, development of the low profile building and standing seam roof, and a pioneer in designing and estimating buildings with a computer. Since its inception in 1947, Ceco has engineered and manufactured more than 125,000 structures, the largest being a million-plus sq. ft. warehouse for one of the nation’s leading department store chains.

In April 2006, Robertson-Ceco Corporation was purchased by NCI Building Systems of Houston, Texas, making Ceco a member of the largest metal building and metal building components company in the nation. Ceco has been a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association since 1957.

About Ceco Building Systems

Ceco Building Systems, a leading division of NCI Building Systems, designs and fabricates attractive, energy-efficient, affordable, easily expandable and “function-oriented” metal buildings. Ceco is well-known for its local builder support and design collaboration to meet specific space and functional requirements for all projects. For more information, visit

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