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Dura Coat Products Inc.

Riverside, CA
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Chairman & CEO: Dr. Myung Mike Hong

Plant Locations: Riverside, CA and Huntsville, AL

Products and Services Offered: Dura Coat specializes in the development and manufacture of high-performance coatings for the protection of metal substrates. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing locations the company is able to process orders quickly and to exacting standards, while a small batch department ensures equal treatment on even the smallest orders.

For the metal building and components industries Dura Coat offers coil-applied coatings to meet stringent performance requirements. Research into the development of new products is on-going and undertaken with careful consideration for the needs of individual customers and the marketplace as a whole.

Company Background: Dura Coat Products Inc. was founded in 1986 by Dr. M.K. “Mike” Hong, and he continues to lead the company today. Dr. Hong began the company as a well-respected resin and coatings chemist and many of his initial product developments are still considered state-of-the-art today.

After an initial start up phase, Dura Coat expanded quickly to include coil coatings and spray for aluminum extrusions. And though the company has been successful throughout its history, innovative research and continuous development of new resins and coatings is ongoing, helping the company maintain its technological leadership position.

About Dura Coat Products

Dura Coat logoFounded in 1986 by Dr. Myung "Mike" Hong, Dura Coat Products is a manufacturer of quality coatings for coil and spray applications. With plants in Riverside, CA and Huntsville, AL, the company’s entire family of high-performance, scratch-resistant products are developed with advanced formulations using low-emission resins, cool pigments, and energy-saving manufacturing systems and methods. For more information, email, telephone 951-341-6500 or 256-350-4300, or visit Dura Coat online at

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