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EXPI-DOOR Systems Inc.

Green Bay, WI

About EXPI-DOOR® Systems Inc.

expi-door-logoEXPI-DOOR® Systems Inc., a member of the Bay family of companies, was established in 1999 to offer doors with a higher grade of materials, quality workmanship, better customer service with more personalized attention, and long-term product support. EXPI-DOOR® operations, sales, and customer service personnel emphasize getting information quickly to the customer, and in an understandable format, to ensure questions are answered and information is complete.

EXPI-DOOR®'s product line includes a variety of doors and windows for a wide range of building types. Door and window programs can take many forms - in terms of the product selected and in how it ultimately gets to the builder. EXPI-DOOR® works with metal building manufacturers and contractors to meet specific requirements. For more information, visit

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