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Metal Sales Mfg. Corp.

Louisville, KY

Products & Services Offered: Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation offers a complete line of roof, wall and fascia panel systems for the commercial, industrial, architectural, agricultural, and residential markets. Products are used forĀ­ new construction and retrofit.

Metal Sales' steel panels are available in over 75 profiles, with a wide selection of widths, colors and gauges. The company's structural components also come in various shapes, sizes, and gauges and will fit most types of post frame, retrofit, and steel building applications.

Background: Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation opened its first manufacturing facility in 1963, the metal building component industry was evolving. The small plant in Louisville, Kentucky, would serve the midwest and southern regions of the U.S. with roll valley, terne valley, 5K gutter and galvanized flat sheets in the burgeoning new industry of custom cut roofing and siding products.

At the time, the company's goal was simple: to manufacture the best product and to provide the best service at the best price. Metal Sales has since grown from that one-plant regional operation into an international supplier of metal building materials with facilities across the United States. There have been some incredible changes, but through it all, one thing has remained the same: the commitment to offer the industry's best materials and finest service at the most reasonable cost to Metal Sales' customers.

About Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation

Metal_Sales_logoMetal Sales Manufacturing Corporation is the premier nationwide provider of metal panels for the building and construction industry. Celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2018, Metal Sales produces roof, wall and fascia metal panels at 21 facilities throughout the U.S. Metal Sales has outreach around the world, delivering outstanding quality and the finest customer service from highly-trained professionals and the largest sales force in the industry. For more information, visit

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