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Lewisville, TX

President: Steve Zirkel

Plant Locations: Lewisville, TX; Prince George, Virginia; North Las Vegas, NV; Shelbyville, IN

Products & Services Offered: Metl-Span provides the most energy efficient and cost-effective insulated metal wall, partition, ceiling and roof panels available today. The company is a recognized leader in the advancement of insulated panel technology, with more than 200 million sq. ft. delivered to the industry over the last 40 years. Metl-Span is a service-oriented company that responds to customer's needs on time with superior technology by constantly enhancing its products and production equipment.

The insulated metal panels are lightweight, yet strong and durable, attributing to reduced costs for erection and structural support. They attach directly to the supporting structure, which eliminates multiple steps to construct the insulated roof and wall. Faster building completion means significantly reduced construction and interim financing costs.


Metl-Span's history is rich with milestones of growth, all of which reflect the company's basic commitment to great customer service, quick product delivery and cost-efficiencies. Founded in 1968 in Dallas, Texas, Metl-Span was initially known as  Controlled Building Systems Corporation. In the mid-70’s when the company was part of Hussman Corporation, it was renamed Metl-Span Insulated Panel Division. Returning to private ownership in 1983, Metl-Span relocated its operations to a new, greatly expanded facility in Lewisville, Texas to accommodate burgeoning growth.

In 1990 with a minority investment by Grupo IMSA, Metl-Span developed its first continuous foamed-in-place production line. In 1994 Grupo IMSA acquired the company outright and within just a few years approved the manufacturer's expansion into Virginia. That expansion doubled production capabilities and improved Metl-Span's ability to serve the eastern region of North America. In 2005, the company opened its third production facility in Nevada, enabling it to serve the western region of the US. In 2007, Metl-Span grew again and began operations in our fourth facility based in Indiana. That expansion effort enabled the company to better serve customers located in the central U.S.

In 2008, Metl-Span was purchased by BlueScope Steel Limited, a global leader in high quality metallic-coated and painted steel solutions for the building and construction sector. In 2012 Metl-Span was purchased by the NCI Group, Inc. NCI is a leading producer of metal coil coating, metal components and custom metal building systems in North America. NCI is comprised of a family of companies operating 39 manufacturing facilities across the United States and Mexico with additional sales and distribution offices throughout the nation and Canada.

In 2013 the company launched its Envolution building products and solutions line, expanding Metl-Span's core product line of insulated metal panel systems to also include Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) wall panel systems, plate wall systems, architectural sunshades and grilles, metal column covers and architectural louvers. Products offered under the Envolution umbrella are of superior quality and especially suited to meet sustainable design goals.  

About Metl-Span

MetlSpanMetl-Span is part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family (NYSE: CNR); delivering high-quality, durable and energy-efficient insulated metal panels designed for unparalleled performance to stand the test of time. For more information on Metl-Span products, call 877-585-9969 or visit

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