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Palram Americas

Kutztown, PA

Products & Services Offered: Palram is one of the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturers of polycarbonate, PVC and other thermoplastic sheets for a variety of industries including construction, graphics and display, architecture, and for the do-it-yourself market (DIY).

Background: Palram Americas is a division of Palram Industries, the world’s leader in flat and corrugated thermoplastic sheets with over $200 million in annual sales. With manufacturing, distribution and sales operations reaching across six continents and over 120 countries around the world, Palram is truly a global enterprise.


Palram's quality products are the result of constant and rigorous quality-assurance procedures. The commitment to quality has earned Palram the distinction of being the first company in our industry to earn ISO 9001:2008 certification for strict adherence to the highest codes and standards for manufacturing procedures and facilities. Each product in the company’s broad assortment meets the specific product performance requirements for the applications for which they were designed, in every region of the planet.

Research & Development

Palram's commitment to research and development has been a  leading priority since the company was founded more than 40 years ago. Since then, Palram has become the industry’s recognized leader in technical development. The company's scientists have access to state-of-the art facilities and equipment, where they continue to develop innovative solutions for an ever-changing industry.


Palram is dedicated to a vision of continuous growth and product innovation through long-term partnerships with our suppliers, distributors dealers, OEMs, and end-user customers. The company works together with its partners to develop solutions to specific market challenges. It is that commitment to partnership which has led to the ever-increasing quality and diversity of Palram's product lines, as well as continuous improvements in the distribution chain.

Service & Support

At the heart of Palram's partnerships is the company’s enduring commitment to service. Palram is very proud of its proven track record of success in providing the highest levels of service to its customers. The company is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction, from dependable on-time shipping to developing custom product formulations and configurations to meet their exacting requirements. Palram utilizes the expertise acquired over the past 40 years to provide reliable customer support, and its sales representatives and technical support team can supply an immediate answer to any inquiry. Palram also provides a wealth of information through its product literature and website, as well as product training seminars which are conducted across the U.S. and around the world. And at national and regional expositions and trade shows, Palram is always happy to lend support to its partners in success.

Marketing & Distribution

Palram Americas and its parent company, Palram Industries, operate worldwide network of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and sales facilities. Manufacturing plants include facilities in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the United States, England, Israel, and China. Permanent marketing offices, representative offices, and distribution offices are strategically located throughout the world. North American operations are headquartered in the Allentown Pennsylvania facility, which oversees a network of distributors and representatives throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Distribution Operations are dedicated to serving the needs of customers, and supplying innovative product solutions in the most efficient and timely manner.

About Palram Americas

Palram_logoWith over 54 years of expertise in the industry, Palram has established manufacturing, distribution and sales operations across seven continents and 120 countries around the world. Palram markets its products to the sign and graphics market, as well as to the commercial, industrial, residential, marine, and do-it-yourself construction markets. For more information, visit

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