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, PA
SnoBlox Meet the Supplier

Company President: Brion McMullen

Plant Location: Mechanicsburg, PA

Products and Services Offered: SnoBlox-SnoJax polycarbonate snow guards feature large, forward-mounted faces that help prevent the dangerous movement of snow and ice on metal roofs. The products are field proven and professionally lab tested. The company offers a choice of adhesive or mechanical attachment and six models to fit most panels and budgets.

Background: After inventing the first polycarbonate snow guard more than 30 years ago, snow retention is still SnoBlox-SnoJax' sole business. The company continues to mold its snow guards from 100% virgin grade, UV-stable Laxan or equal polycarbonate. States Brion McMullan, the company president, “We won’t sell anything that is not worthy of the SnoBlox-SnoJax name. We are constantly innovating and testing to bring the consumer quality snow blocks that work.”

About SnoBlox-SnoJax

SnoBlox Meet the SupplierSnoBlox-SnoJax was founded by the late Jack McMullen, a building contractor who invented the very first polycarbonate snow guard in 1976. His son Brion, who has always been in charge of marketing, continues his father’s legacy by developing innovative, field-proven, professionally tested snow guards for metal roofs. After 30 years, snow retention remains the company's main business, though it now also offers a number of complementary products such as gutter guards, snow guard attachment products, non-penetrating rooftop mounting clamps and vent stabilizers. To learn more, visit

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