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Star Building Systems

Oklahoma City, OK
(800) 879-7827

President: David Alexander

Plant Locations: Throughout the United States and Mexico

Products & Services Offered: Star Building Systems offers custom metal building systems for a wide range of uses. From strong structural framing systems to walls, roofs and compatible accessories, Star’s building systems materials have the advantage of factory assured quality and predictable performance. Each component is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the highest standards of quality are maintained. The company’s fabrication facilities are designed for maximum operating efficiency.

Background: Star Building Systems was formed in 1927 to meet the needs of oil drillers in the historic Oklahoma City oil boom. The product at the time was small metal buildings that were used for “tool boxes” and “dog houses" (small, portable buildings located near the oil field derricks to shelter men and equipment).

In the late 1930’s, Star built aviation hangars for the Midwest. During World War II, Star met the needs of the military for warehouses and aircraft hangars. In the 1950’s, Star provided grain storage and sectional steel buildings for utilitarian warehouses and storage buildings.

The pre-engineered metal buildings industry was enhanced in the early 1960’s with the advent of computer designed rigid frames, high yield steel and factory applied, baked on color coating on steel panels.

Today, with more than 80 years in the industry, Star serves the nonresidential, commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, agricultural and retrofit markets around the world. Star is certified by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) and is approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau. Over 300,000 Star buildings are in service worldwide and the company does repeat business with many well-known companies.

About Star Building Systems

Star_Building_Systems_logoStar Building Systems, founded in 1927, is a leading manufacturer of custom designed metal building systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural use. With manufacturing capabilities throughout the U.S. and over 1,000 authorized Star Builders, Star Building Systems develops versatile structures designed for maximum operating efficiency. For more information, visit

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