Insulated Metal Panels: The Ultimate In Design Flexibility

Brad-KirklandBy Brad Kirkland, CSI, Kingspan Insulated Panels

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are becoming the commercial construction product of choice for their combination of practicality and performance. Their single component composition makes them a cost-effective, timesaving option, while providing the energy efficiency to help reduce operational costs for a building's lifespan. And to reap all this functionality, architects and builders don't have to sacrifice style and form. The unique design flexibility of IMPs offers the best of all worlds: Superior performance combined with legacy-worthy looks crafted from a vast array of aesthetic options.

Insulated metal panels from Kingspan are shown above on a recently completed Chicago charter school. The project features Kingspan's Azteco Embossed panels finished in Darkest Dark Bronze Fluropon, and BENCHMARK Designwall™ panels in Zinc Fluropon Classic II and Weathered Zinc Fluropon Classic II. Kingspan also provided flatstock finished in each color to form flashings and trims.

As an integral part of BENCHMARK, the Designwall™ series comprises a range of premium architectural panels with distinctive features, textures and colors. The panels can be laid vertically or horizontally and integrates easily with each other as well as the rest of the BENCHMARK range of products, offering complete design flexibility. Each version of the Designwall™ series comes in an extended color range, plus has a variety of finishes and shapes to choose from, adding to its aesthetic value.

Endless Colors, Textures, and Finishes

Insulated metal panels for commercial projects are available in a wide range of colors, including both standard and custom; textures, including embossed and striated; and finishes. This allows architects the opportunity to achieve their visions. While yesterday's IMPs were monochromatic and often only available in limited hues and finishes, today's panels offer a wide selection of innovative panel profiles and contemporary colors. Besides wall and roof panels, manufacturers now also create integrated windows, louvers, column covers, sunshades, and sunscreens in coordinating styles to present even more design possibilities.

Flexible Orientation

To help create visually striking structures, IMPs can also be arranged both vertically and/or horizontally. This design flexibility provides architects and designers the freedom to express themselves as they add flair and curb appeal to a building. Utilizing their adaptable configuration, IMPs can be used to create exterior patterns and formations from a variety of profiles and textures that complement a building’s purpose and environment.

Ideal for New Construction and Retrofit Needs

IMPs offer adaptability in design that suits any aesthetic. They can provide a sleek, contemporary look to a new building, while they can also be used to infuse modern styling into older buildings. Designed to work seamlessly with project needs, metal panels are easily integrated with traditional construction methods, along with existing building systems. This results in buildings that feature outstanding design and maximum thermal performance.

Brad Kirkland, CSI is Regional Sales Manager for Kingspan Insulated Roof and Wall Panels. To contact Kirkland regarding this article, call (501) 249-5204, or email To learn more about Kingspan products and systems, visit

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