Lexie Braza

Lexie Braza is the manager of Social Media at the Ludlow Group, an integrated advertising and marketing agency based in Virginia Beach, VA.

Social Media Mistakes Marketers Make

Harry Comfort

Harry Comfort, a territory manager for The Garland Company Inc., has been working in the commercial waterproofing industry since 1993.

How Metal Roofing Pays For Itself

Joe Mellott

Joe Mellott is vice president of IMETCO (Innovative Metal Company, Inc.). He has served as the technical chair and president of the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association, and on the board of the Cool Roofs Rating Council. 

The Sexy World Of Steep Slope Metal Roofing

Kira Rogatnik

Kira Rogatnik is the Business Development Manager at Metl-Span, a leading manufacturer of insulated metal roof and wall panel systems for architectural and commercial/industrial applications.

Designing With Insulated Metal Roof Panels

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