The Debate On Climate Change Continues

By Scott Kriner, Green Metal Consulting

The debate over climate change continues. Recently, a protester appeared on television and compared the consequences of not doing anything to stop climate change to the carnage from World War II! Let’s hope that is just one person's position.

Numerous books on climate change, its cause, and what we can do about it have been published over the years.

According to Environment and Climate News magazine, a relatively new one by the famous weather man, Joe Bastardi, has weighed in on climate issues. The Climate Chronicles is an exposé of the true climate change agenda, written by someone who's studied weather his entire life. Bastardi has also read all of the work of Michael Mann at Penn State University. For those unfamiliar with Mann, he is responsible for the famous hockey stick to represent recent climate temperatures. Bastardi has also analyzed tweets from His take is that there will always be some location on the earth where some kind of extreme is occurring – though in most places the weather is tranquil the majority of time.

Bastardi uses four questions to test one’s knowledge of the causes of climate change. See how you do on the four questions:

1.Does the sun have a far greater effect on climate than carbon dioxide?

2. Do the cycles of currents in the oceans, where a vast amount of Earth’s heat is stored; have a far greater effect on climate than carbon dioxide?

3. Do stochastic events (such as volcanoes) have a far greater effect on climate than carbon dioxide?

4. Does the design of the climate system have a far greater effect than carbon dioxide?

If you said YES to all four questions then you are correct, according to Bastardi.

Next for Bastardi is to note that to believe that climate change is caused by mankind you would have to believe an increase of one molecule of carbon dioxide out of every 10,000 molecules of air over a 100-year period is now controlling Earth’s climate for the first time in known history.

You can make up your own mind.

Scott Kriner is the president and founder of Green Metal Consulting Inc. He is a LEED Accredited Professional who began his career in the metal construction industry in 1981. His company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the California Association of Building Energy Consultants and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

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