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Adamson High School


Adamson High School alums in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, TX didn’t want to see their beloved old school demolished. Unfortunately for them, district officials and many others were pushing for the construction of a new school to better meet students' present-day educational needs. To resolve the dispute, the old building was preserved—and is now an historic landmark—while the new building was constructed close by. Among the materials utilized for the new school’s construction were insulated metal wall panels from Metl-Span.

The new four-level, 223,000 sq. ft. building is designed to serve 1,300 students in grades 10, 11 and 12. The building includes areas for a child development program, a students with disabilities program, a student-run coffee shop and the school’s ROTC program. The site includes new tennis courts and athletic fields. The campus also includes a historical marker honoring J.D. Tippit, the Dallas police officer shot and killed by presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

The 27,000 sq. ft. of Metl-Span CF24 Architectural Flat insulated wall panels specified for the project were provided with Autumn Wood and Semolina paint finishes. Advantage Wall Panel Systems of Corinth, TX handled the installation.

“Metl-Span did an awesome job in meeting the delivery schedule,” noted Rob Medlin, project manager. “The project was pretty straightforward although there were lots of bent corners that were fabricated in our shop. The job went really well.”

Corgan Associates of Dallas designed the school building. The general contractor was Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc., Irving, TX.

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