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Approximately 7,600 sq. ft. of Metl-Span CF-30 and CF-36 Architectural Flat wall panels were used to highlight the new MEEMIC Insurance Company headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI. The 3” insulated panels were finished in custom color Champagne. The facade of the building also includes brick, cast stone and glass, creating a diverse composition of complementary architectural elements that are aesthetically pleasing.

Design of the 104,000 sq. ft. Class A building was provided by Neumann/Smith Architecture, Southfield, MI. According to project designer Emil Sdao, “The extensive use of masonry materials on the exterior conveys stability, which was important for an insurance company. We used the metal panels to break up the façade and provide a contemporary look in conjunction with glass for transparency.”

The building provides a modern variation on traditional commercial and residential architectural detailing. This modern interpretation allows policy holders to relate to the architecture, making it more inviting and comfortable to visit.

“A rain screen system was initially considered for the metal but the Metl-Span panels provided a more economical solution and still delivered the look we wanted,” Sdao said.

Installation of the Metl-Span system was done by SDI Exterior Systems, Farmington Hills, MI. The general contractor on the project was KIRCO, Troy, MI.

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