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Although the Owensboro, KY metropolitan area includes only 110,000 people, the population is now served by a modern new 780,000 sq. ft. replacement hospital that larger cities would be envious of. Located on a 145-acre site, the Owensboro Medical Health Center transforms healthcare delivery through a flexible design that accommodates streamlined processes, new technology and future growth. Featured on its exterior are insulated metal panels from Lewisville, TX-based Metl-Span.

Approximately 47,000 sq. ft. of 2” Metl-Span CF-30 and CF-36 Striated insulated metal panels finished in custom match Brownie was strategically utilized on two large mechanical penthouses as well as the central utility plant. The installation was done by ProCLAD, Inc., Noblesville, IN. ProCLAD, a strategic Metl-Span partner, was responsible for the entire 350,000 sq. ft. exterior envelope from a pre-construction perspective and provided quality assurance, coordination and management of multiple third party subcontractors.

The Metl-Span panels accounted for more than 13% of the overall exterior envelope and interfaced with other materials including rainscreen limestone, hand-set masonry, phenolic panels and curtain wall. That they were used for the mechanical penthouses should come as no surprise, notes Craig Caudill, evp at ProCLAD.

“IMP’s provide not only easy installation and great cost savings over other types of systems but also great efficiency in controlling temperatures in these areas that get both hot and cold,” Caudill noted. “The continuous insulation is critical. And installation of the Metl-Span panels involves only a single trade. They’re faster, cheaper and better looking.”

The general contractor, Turner Universal, Nashville, had originally specified an embossed flat insulated panel for the mechanical areas. “But we were charged with getting the very best value from each cladding component so we recommended the use of the Striated panels instead,” Caudill said. “They offered a very significant cost savings and provided a more subtle look. The client liked both the aesthetics and the economy.”

ProCLAD’s director of construction, Jim Garber, was responsible for overseeing the job. “The sequencing of the various trades and contractors working on this complex project was a daily challenge,” Garber said. “The project marked a major commitment to 21st century healthcare for the Owensboro community and we were proud to be a part of it.”

Design for the project was provided by HGA Architects, Milwaukee.

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