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Allegheny Construction Group, Inc. has repeatedly ranked among the “Pittsburgh Top 100”, an annual recognition for the fastest growing construction or real estate firms serving that Pennsylvania metropolitan area. Employees increased from 85 to 125 during the past several years as revenues increased by 250 percent since 2004. The Butler Buildership steadily outgrew its former location until Laura Deklewa, President, committed to building a new 9200-sq.-ft. headquarters office and mezzanine levels, and the 10,300 sq. ft. of support facilities in the Pittsburgh suburb of Bridgeville.

The building makes a graphic statement about the metal building projects that comprise a significant share of the general contractor’s projects every year. The use of glass, color finishes, exposed steel and sharply angular geometry translated in metal building systems makes this a distinctive show-and-sell embodiment of the company’s imagination and product line. The distinctive interiors were by the local firm of Integrity Design.

Butler Manufacturing Company supplied the design/build project, whose construction took place from March until August, 2008. Systems applied to the project include the Widespan™ structural systems, MR-24® standing seam metal roof system, Shadowall™ and Flat Stylwall® metal wall panels. Butler supplied the exposed columns in a custom purple automotive paint finish and trim to match the contractor’s corporate color.

About Butler Manufacturing

Butler Manufacturing™, a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, offers metal building systems. For more information, visit

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