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Calvary Chapel is a 19,000 square foot church building located in Corvallis, Oregon. The entire project included four buildings with astute consideration given to the location of church sanctuary and fellowship hall to minimize the impact of the surrounding natural topography so that minimal trees and vegetation were removed. The design utilized wide roof overhangs to maximize building shade and an energy saver roof insulation system with a high R-value to minimize energy costs.

Overall the pre-engineered metal building by Metallic Building Company was chosen because of the flexibility to incorporate original design using large clear spans, canopies, purlin extensions and special roof loading for sound and lighting equipment. Metallic’s Double-Lok standing seam roof system, with a Signature 300 (Kynar) paint finish, was chosen for its longevity and asthetic value.

The project’s team included T. Gerding Construction Company, contractor, Corvallis, Oregon; Northwest Steel Structures, Eugene, Oregon, who served as the erector and roof contractor; William G. Ryals, architect, Albany, Oregon; and Metallic Building Company, building manufacturer, Houston, Texas.

Construction began in November 2006 and was completed in October 2007.

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Metallic Building Systems, a Cornerstone Building Brands company, manufactures custom-engineered steel building systems. For more information, visit www.metallic.com.

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