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On November 1, 2016, the Hopewell Baptist Church building in Greenville, MS tragically burned down. Thanks to a nationwide show of support effort, aided by metal systems from Reed's Metals, the church was rebuilt by July 2017.

National media covered the horrific instance of arson that claimed the building in which church members have worshipped for years. After hearing the nationwide coverage, church members and supporters from across the nation came together in efforts to rebuild. Initially, the church was hoping to raise $10,000 to use towards a new building, and those expectations were far exceeded by supporters who donated over $250,000 to help this small town congregation rebuild.

The congregation searched for a product supplier who could make their dreams come to life. The materials needed to be top quality, delivered and unloaded, and they needed them quickly - resulting in the selection of Reed's Metals as the congregation's metal supplier.

Reed's Metals was able to take the congregation's design, and meet local codes to ensure safety and stability of the new building. Additionally, Reed's Metals was able to recommend a reputable installer. The Preferred Contractor and his crew took on the task of installing this large, intricate rigid frame building and worked quickly. The building was officially purchased on April 24, 2017, and was delivered on May 19, 2017 - just 19 working days later. The Preferred Contractor was able to immediately begin the concrete and installation the first of June and was complete mid-July.

The congregation chose a beautiful color combination of Polar White and Metallic Copper, perhaps alluding to a bright and shining future for Hopewell Baptist Church.

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