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Since 1923, Martco Limited Partnership has been a manufacturer of engineered forest products such as hard wood lumber, oriented strand board, pine plywood and treated poles. In fact, they produce over 850 million square feet of oriented strand board annually. To accommodate such large production, Martco utilized a Metallic Building Company pre-engineered building system for this multi-million dollar project in Oakdale, LA. Groundbreaking took place on May 2004 and after 3-years the project was completed in the Summer of 2007.

The massive plant facility is comprised of several buildings and totaled more than 580,000 square feet. All rooms used Insulated Panel Systems’ 2” RWP wall and roof panels which work well with the pre-galvanized secondary framing. The TecFoam panels are filled with “non CFC polyurethane modified isocyanurate” to achieve R-values up to 35.7.

The project’s impressive team included Bamburg Steel Buildings, Inc., West Monroe, Louisiana, who served as the builder, roofing contractor and erector; design was done by Martco Limited Partnership and Mid-South Engineers. Martco also served as the general contractor on the project. Metallic Building Company, Houston, Texas, was the manufacturer for the custom engineered metal building system.

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Metallic Building Systems, a Cornerstone Building Brands company, manufactures custom-engineered steel building systems. For more information, visit

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